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Update Linode DNS records with your local IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Forked from

Changes from upstream

  • Runs linode-dynamic-dns twice. One using $HOST and a second using *.$HOST
  • Move from Dockerfile to Containerfile
  • Use podman commands in documentation
  • Added Prerequisites section


  • Linode API Token with read/write access to Domains
  • A and AAAA records for $HOST.$DOMAIN and *.$HOST.$DOMAIN must already exist
    • New records will not be created if they don't already exist, so you can easily disable the update functionality for one or more of these records by simply deleting them from Linode's Domains Manager (e.g. if you only want A records and no AAAA records)

Environment Variables


  • DOMAIN - Domain name
  • HOST - Host name (aka subdomain)
  • TOKEN - Linode API token


  • FREQUENCY - Number of minutes to wait between updates (default 15).

Build image

$ podman build -t linode-dynamic-dns-plus-wildcard \


$ podman run -dt \
    -e \
    -e HOST=www \
    -e TOKEN=apitoken \