i3-gaps-fullscreen-next-git.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 10 hours
inconsolatazi4.gitInconsolatazi4 packaged for Arch 4 years
libvirt-usb-hotplug.gitAutomatically add and remove USB devices to a running libvirt domain on hotplug15 months
snippits.gitVarious code shortcuts and examples5 years
tl-testmedia.gitDownload a local copy of multiple YouTube playlists5 months
tllib.gitReusable scriptlets and management framework5 months
chirp-hg.gitCHIRP packaged for the AUR4 years
Arch Config
greetd-tlgreet.gitGreetd and wlgreet via sway with waybar for custom login screen4 months
tl-archconfig.gitSmaller configs and tweaks in a split package4 months
tl-aurutils-helpers.gitScripts for automating common aurutils tasks2 days
tl-voponoproxy.gitSystemd service for quickly starting privoxy within vopono for a given PIA serve...7 months
tl-wallpaper.gitPersonal collection of wallpapers8 weeks
anbox-image-gplay.gitAndroid image for Anbox with Google Play frameworks added 4 years
arch-conf-2020.gitCSS tweaks for the ArchConf 2020 Pretalx CFP page13 months
backman-test.gitA somewhat misguided attempt at creating my own utility to back up a pacman pack...
bash-completion-vcsh.gitBash completion for vcsh packaged for Arch (vcsh upstream provides this now)4 years
makedeb.gitA script for building Debian packages from an Arch PKGBUILD (old and unsafe. see...5 years
python-book2rss.gitAdd audiobooks to a podcast-like RSS feed4 years
st.gitSimple Terminal with custom config (using alacritty now. See vcsh/termcfg.git fo...4 years
tl-dmesg-unrestrict.gitSet kernel.dmesg_restrict=0 (provided by tl-archconfig)8 months
tl-makepkg.gitUtility for building an arch package and adding it to a local repo (functionalit...5 years
tl-pacdiff-hook.gitPacman hook to run pacdiff after every transaction (provided by tl-archconfig) (...13 months
tl-reflector-hook.gitReflector configuration and pacman hook to auto-update the mirrorlist (provided ...10 months
xautolock-systemd.gitSystemd workaround for running an xautolock locker before suspend (using Sway no...5 years
vcsh/bashrc.git.bakBash configuration7 weeks
vcsh/bin.gitScripts used to override system-provided functionality6 months
vcsh/fontconfig.gitFont configuration 4 years
vcsh/i3.giti3 configuration for work and home computers4 years
vcsh/pkglists.gitPackage histories and lists suitable for direct input to pacman4 years
vcsh/powerline.gitPowerline configuration5 years
vcsh/sway.gitSway configuration4 weeks
vcsh/systemd-user.gitsystemd user units12 months
vcsh/termcfg.gitConfiguration for my currently-used terminal emulator3 months
vcsh/tmux.gittmux config14 months
vcsh/vim.gitvim and vifm configuration5 months
vcsh/weechat.gitweechat configuration15 months
vcsh/xinitrc.gitxinit configuration2 years
Ham Radio
vcsh/chirp.gitConfig and radio backups for the ham radio programmer CHIRP.5 years
Site Config
cgit.gitStyle and cgit configuration for git.thurstylark.com5 months
logo.gitRevisions of the logo for this site 5 months
vimwiki.gitSource for wiki.thurstylark.com46 hours