Automate the deployment of Arch Linux libvirt guests using ansible
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Ansible Arch Linux Libvirt Lab

This playbook is intended to help automate the deployment of Arch Linux guests to libvirt on localhost.

This exists mainly as an excercise while I teach myself ansible, and is mostly a reimplementation of this article:


  • Usage of virt-customize doesn't fully work on this image.
  • Install and enable QEMU Guest Agent on new guest to allow immediate access to new VM via community.libvirt.libvirt ansible module
  • Minimize/generalize the VM template XML as much as possible.
    • Currently, the XML is only slightly modified from one generated by virt-manager, so may include lots of unnecessary faff.
    • Have had issues (already fixed) with the OS Type specification making virt-manager unhappy when trying to access new VMs created by this playbook. It's possible this issue might crop up again in the future.
    • Would like to retain the ability to generate VMs that are usable via virt-manager
      • Maybe create a second ultra-minimal XML template for VMs that won't be used with virt-manager?
  • Add checksum verification for downloaded sources.
    • Will require some more fiddling than what the source article suggests due to Arch's release schedule.
  • More documentation


As always, patches and issues welcome!