Scripts for automating common aurutils tasks
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filter_vcs() {
awk -v "mask=$AURVCS" '$1 ~ mask {print $1}' "$@"
# Note that valid PKGBUILDs cannot contain \n in pkgname.
get_latest_revision() {
grep -Fxf - <(printf '%s\n' *) | xargs -r aur srcver
trap 'rm -rf "$db_tmp"' EXIT
# Retrieve a list of the local repository contents. The repository
# can be specified with the usual aur-repo arguments.
aur repo --list "$@" >"$db_tmp"
# Find VCS packages that are outdated according to aur-srcver.
# This checks out the latest revision for existing source directories,
# assuming the PKGBUILD has been viewed priorly.
if cd "$AURDEST"; then
aur vercmp -p <(filter_vcs "$db_tmp" | get_latest_revision) <"$db_tmp"