OCI Container for Thurstylark's Weechat IRC lurking setup
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  • tmux.conf: Tmux configuration
  • startup.bash: Startup script
  • sshd_config: sshd config for host


These directories should be volumes to persistent storage

  • /var/lib/zerotier-one: ZeroTier identity and config information
  • /home/thurstylark/.config/weechat: Weechat config


These Secrets should be set up on first start for the init to work properly

  • tl-weechat-ztnetaddr: ZeroTier network address that the container should be connected to
    • type: string
    • format: ZeroTier Network Address
    • notes: This address is used during container runtime startup to check that it's joined to the specified network, and to automatically join the specified network if it isn't already.
  • tl-weechat-pass: Weechat Secured Data passphrase
    • type: string
  • tl-weechat-authorizedkeys: Content of the container user's ~/.ssh/authorized_keys


Weechat Secured Data

Ref: https://weechat.org/files/doc/stable/weechat_user.en.html#secured_data

One of my goals for this setup is to get my weechat configs into a state where I can host them publicly. That means removing or obscuring all sensetive information from the conf files, at least in plain-text.

Unlock on startup

By default, weechat waits for user input on startup to gather the Secured Data passphrase before doing anything else. This step can be skipped by setting sec.crypt.passphrase_command.

Because we have set up a container secret for this passphrase already, all we really need to do is read its contents...

/set sec.crypt.passphrase_command "/usr/bin/cat /run/secrets/tl-weechat-pass"