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Thurstylark's wiki


  • Base
    • hugo
  • Optional (only required for tlwiki management script)
    • git
    • python3
    • rsync


Environment Setup

Using tlwiki script

  1. Create tlwiki-conf.yaml using tlwiki-conf.yaml.ex as a template
  2. Run ./tlwiki updeps to pull in the latest version of all git submodules

Using individual commands

  1. Initialize all git submodules
git submodule update --init --recursive


Using tlwiki script

  1. Ensure the values for deployID.user,, and deployID.dir are correct
    • For best results, use rsync with a non-interactive authentication method such as ssh key pairs
  2. Run ./tlwiki deploy

Using individual commands

  1. Run hugo to build the site
  2. Copy the contents of public/ to your web server's document root


Automatically run ./tlwiki deploy on git push

Create a symlink named .git/hooks/pre-push with tlwiki as its target:

ln -s ../../tlwiki .git/hooks/pre-push

tlwiki will help manage this symlink in the future (See: #1)

Serve the site locally for testing

hugo server

More info:

tlwiki-config.yaml Configuration Options

Path Type Default Description
deployID.user string rsync username (USER in USER@HOST:DIR) string rsync hostname (HOST in USER@HOST:DIR)
deployID.dir string rsync target remote directory (DIR in USER@HOST:DIR)
repo.URL string Unused
repo.branch string Unused
repo.remoteName string Unused